Knock Hours off Your Work Week – Over 100 Tasks to Outsource Today!

Over 100 Tasks to Outsource Today!

One of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs struggle to grow their business is they just wear too many hats. Rather than outsource some of the load, they try very hard to manage all the moving parts in their business on their own. And without considering an alternate way of working, this can turn into a dangerous pattern of shifted deadlines and unmet goals.

As an entrepreneur, your time is an incredibly valuable commodity. As soon as you use it for something that is not value-adding or to do something that takes you twice as long because it doesn’t play to your strengths – you’re not getting it back.

In this post, I share with you a list of over 100 tasks that you can and should outsource to a virtual staff member so that you can focus your energy on growing your business more effectively.

Before jumping into the actual list though, it’s important to mention that you should go in having a good sense for all the tasks that you currently manage. A start would be to sort them into one of three buckets:

  • the tasks that only you can (and should) do … like the strategy, the business planning and delivering on your own client promise.
  • the tasks you can do but don’t enjoy … for example, the more administrative-type tasks.
  • those tasks that simply don’t fall within your zone of genius … such as perhaps, building out a sales funnel for an upcoming online course.  

With your buckets ‘filled’, you now have a way of prioritizing your need for assistance.

Next, it’s all about looking at your list of tasks to hand over and figuring out if you want a virtual assistant with multiple clients, or someone that only works with you… if you want a generalist or perhaps a team of specialists… if you’re happy with a freelancer or prefer someone associated with an agency. Consider also the variables you need to have in place before making your first virtual hire (I break it down for you right here).

Now, onto that list:

Personal Assistant Tasks

  • Screening phone calls, inquiries and requests, and managing them as appropriate
  • Diary and calendar management
  • Contact management
  • Voicemail and inbox management (responding, filing into folder, flagging those needing action)
  • Email management (setting up canned responses for repeat emails, setting up filter/forward mechanisms etc.)
  • Meeting support (preparing meeting agenda and minutes)
  • Basic accounts and budget control/management
  • Onboarding of new virtual hires
  • Travel planning and arrangements
  • Other personal errands (e.g. buying gifts online, making restaurant reservations etc.)
  • Team and project performance reporting

Customer Service

  • Answering customer service emails and calls
  • Online chat support
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Client follow up (sales calls, sending thank you emails, appointment reminder emails etc.)
  • Updating your client CRM information (as potential clients progress through your contact funnel, for example)
  • Onboarding of new clients
  • Creating, sending and following up on client invoices

File Storage & Organization 

  • Dropbox / Google Drive setup
  • Evernote (woohoo!) setup or reorganization
  • Creating a template folder structure for projects so you don’t have to manually recreate your folders with each new project or client
  • Implementing a standard naming convention of your files for ease of finding them in the future
  • Creating master trackers of key records and files in a spreadsheet or other mechanism that works for you
  • Introducing and/or following through on a backup protocol for all your critical records
  • Researching available tools and integrations for better filing efficiencies (Did you know that Zapier can automate  the process of copying a Gmail attachment into Google Drive?!)

Document Preparation

  • Creating templates in Word, Excel, or whichever program needed. (e.g. online forms, old fashioned PDF forms, client scripts etc.)
  • Creating, editing, proofreading and/or formatting your business documents (e.g. reports, resume, bio sheet, ebooks, standard operating procedure docs, grant applications, tender response submissions etc.)
  • Creating, editing, proofreading and/or formatting your presentations (e.g. training material, online courses etc.)
  • Managing the end to end mail merging process of client letters etc. in Word
  • Conversion of Word documents to PDF, and the other way around
  • Splitting a massive PDF document into several separate files
  • Merging several PDF documents into one

Data Audits / Management

  • Auditing your online platforms (ensuring that the design and content are optimized for success)
  • Researching your competitors and their programs online
  • Designing and reporting on client satisfaction surveys
  • Researching keywords and hashtags to feed into your content strategy
  • Reporting on the various forms of analytics available to you (e.g. Google analytics, site performance, social media analytics etc.)
  • Running a detailed analysis of your subscriber list across different platforms to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities for you
  • Data entry, analysis, and reporting (e.g. spreadsheet, database or CRM data updates, one-off or ongoing analysis of client, sales & program data)

Online Event Support

  • Getting your upcoming seminar series onto an online registration solution like Eventzilla
  • Finding and reaching out to a panel of experts who you want on your speaker list
  • Coordinating the collation of speaker information and free/ paid resource offers
  • Creating all the necessary material (opt-ins, landing pages, email sequences, presentation decks, handouts etc) to support the event
  • Setting up all the promotional stuff on your website, with Facebook ads and that sort of thing
  • Working with you to test run all your tech so you’re set up for success on the day
  • Providing your audience with live support

Email Marketing

  • Setting up or editing your email marketing profile on platforms like MailerLite, MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft etc.
  • Creating a new list in your chosen email marketing software
  • Adding and removing subscribers from your list(s)
  • Creating email templates with your branding
  • Setting up and testing automated workflow sequences (including all outgoing links/downloads etc.)
  • Making sure all integrations work (e.g. links to your social media accounts and scheduling tool of choice )
  • Drafting your emails and autoresponders
  • Editing and formatting your emails and autoresponders
  • Scheduling release of monthly broadcasts (as with newsletters, promotional emails etc.)

Blog Management

  • Keyword researching a blog topic
  • Recommending potential blog topics for your content calendar
  • Writing or editing a blog post
  • Adding the blog to your website
  • Sourcing and editing an accompanying feature image
  • Optimizing the blog (category and tag settings, addition of links to previously published and relevant posts, meta tag and description settings, meaningful image filenames etc.)
  • Scheduling your blog to be published right away or at a future date
  • Updating your master blog posts tracker (especially important as you start to grow and need an easy way of keeping track of/finding relevant posts to link to for whatever reason)
  • Uploading blogs onto other blog sharing sites like Medium
  • Sharing your blog across your social media profiles
  • Responding to blog comments
  • Revisit old blogs to ensure all links go where they need to, and expired offers are replaced with ones that are current
  • Repurposing your content – making your blogs, podcasts, newsletters etc. work harder for you

Podcast Management

  • Reaching out to potential podcast guests and scheduling them in
  • Compiling all the necessary info to make the podcast happen (e.g. guest bio, headshot, website and social media links etc.)
  • Editing the podcast for release
  • Writing the show notes for your podcast
  • Creating show-specific graphics to be used on your website and across social
  • Preparing your podcasts for release on your chosen podcast hosting service
  • Scheduling the promotion of your podcast on social
  • Emailing guests to inform them that their show is live and offer the necessary links/information to enable effective sharing

Social Media Management

  • Creating and managing an optimized LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and/or YouTube profile
  • Creating a monthly social media content calendar for your business
  • Creating visual graphics for each post
  • Scheduling all your social media posts in advance using a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer
  • Uploading, optimizing and scheduling your YouTube videos
  • Creating and managing a Facebook business page
  • Creating highly-targeted Facebooks ads
  • Creating a Facebook group and administering an FB challenge
  • Engaging with your online community – be it with moderating comments, monitoring likes, shares, and comments or socializing in groups that you are a part of
  • Researching new groups, pages, people, profiles to follow

Video (or Audio) Editor

  • Removing background noise
  • Adding background music (to set the right tone of your video)
  • Sourcing someone who can do intro’s and outro’s for you (or doing it themselves if they have the right voice for it)
  • Ensuring that your videos carry your logo and branding look/feel (think: custom thumbnails on YouTibe)
  • Adding transitions
  • Adding bullet points to emphasize key messages
  • Transcribing your audio/videos for posting wherever it is needed (e.g. on your website’s podcast page)
  • Adding captions to your videos to cater for those who have a preference or need for reading over watching/listening

Graphic / Web Designer

  • Designing logos, banners, icons, ebook covers
  • Designing snazzy visuals to go with your social media and blog posts
  • Designing freebies, lead magnets and content upgrades (resources, infographics, cheat sheets, checklists – that sort of thing)
  • Designing your website(s) and adding new pages as your business grows
  • Designing landing pages, sales pages or opt-in boxes and ensuring that all the necessary integrations are in place and working perfectly (e.g. your email service provider, your PayPal account etc.)

Website Updates & Maintenance

  • Keeping your website up-to-date (e.g. adding new products and events as they come up, updating your opt-in offer based on what’s happening in your biz etc.)
  • Installing and updating plugins and themes
  • Reviewing the websites’ functionality (e.g. test for mobile responsiveness, browser compatibility, test that your forms work the way they should, all links go where they need to, that your pages and posts are SEO optimized etc.)

Business & Project Management

  • Setting up the tech end of things in your business and making sure that they are all integrated. The list for this one can be endless. Examples include:
    • Setting up your email signature block
    • Designing your business cards for you using online stores like Moo, VistaPrint, YouPrint etc.
    • Setting you up with an online scheduler that’s integrated with Google Calendar, iCalendar or whichever tool you use
    • Adding links on your website to your scheduler to enable the automated process of potential client’s booking in a discovery call with you
    • Creating online forms using something like Google Forms for your client onboarding and offboarding process
    • Setting up your Trello (or Asana, Wrike, Basecamp etc.) environment so that you gain a better view of all the projects you have on the go and a clearer sense of how you/your team are tracking against deadlines
  • Assessing your business processes and systems and looking for efficiencies to be gained
  • Documenting your business processes to enable oversight and sustainable growth as you easily onboard new team members
  • Supporting you as you write that book, create that online course, launch that new podcast, rebrand your entire business! (think: research, proofing, systems set up, marketing, PR – the works)

How much time do you spend on these tasks on a day to day basis?

What would it mean for you and your business to be able to redirect your energy elsewhere?

Book in a discovery call with us today to figure out your needs and create a package that meets you where you are.