6 Tips on How to Make a Wow-Worthy Facebook Profile

Tips for an optimized social media profile

If you haven’t given a lot of thought to your Facebook profile as a business, consider this: Nearly half (45%) of digital buyers worldwide said that reading reviews, comments and feedback on social media influenced their digital shopping behavior. And around 44% of respondents also said that receiving promotional offerings influenced their shopping behavior (source).

Before anything else, a big majority of people will look you up online… check out your website… review your social media profile(s) to determine if they want to do business with you. Your profile is quite literally your digital business card.

And if that’s not enough to sway you, Facebook is apparently ‘presiding its supreme power both in terms of name recognition and the total number of users as the largest social media network with over 2,07 billion users, followed by YouTube and Instagram.’ (Source: The Most Significant Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018).

Thankfully, it’s not that hard to start and maintain a compelling profile. Here are a few quick tips:


1.   Don’t Underestimate the Photo

If you’re creating a Facebook profile to represent yourself as a business owner, you need a great headshot that represents the professional tone of your industry. Use a photo over a logo and a logo over some random image – anytime. This is your opportunity to connect, build trust and give people a sense of who they are dealing with. Be real, be authentic, be human!


2.   Fill Out Your About Section

Remember to word everything with your ideal target audience in mind. They should read your About section and immediately understand what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it. As an example, you can offer information about the services you offer, your area(s) of specialty, the pain points you solve for your clients. Double-check that your contact info is correct and that all your links work – links to your website, your lead magnets etc.


3.   Distinguish Yourself from Others

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer additional space in the form of a cover image for you to make a great first impression. This is prime real estate. Here are a few examples of cover images done well:

Need images to spice up the headers on your Facebook profile? Canva and PicMonkey are both fabulous (and free!) resources that will help you create a visual that aligns with your brand and identity as a business.

Want to tell your brand story using video? This post by Social Media Examiner called ‘How to Set Up a Creative Facebook Cover Video‘ shows you how.


4.   Keywords Matter

Incorporating keywords into your profile is one of the best ways to make your social media work harder for you! If you want to position yourself as an expert and authority in your niche, learn the keywords and phrases that people use to find those experts. That way, when your ideal clients run a search for someone who does what you do, they find you.


5.   Keep Your Social Media Profile Up-to-Date

Review your profile on a regular basis. That’s where your contact information and the best highlights of your work are, so you don’t want it to become old news. And this should go without saying, but if you have awesome client testimonials/reviews, share them! (The social proof will do your business a lot of good). Keep a content calendar and use a social media scheduling tool to help reduce the time and energy it takes to post consistently.


6.   Keep Professional and Personal Separate

When possible, keep your professional life separate from your personal one. You may need to create separate profiles for your business self and your personal self, which is totally OK! However, it’s important to remember that people who are actively searching for you, especially on Facebook and Instagram, may find your personal profile as well as your business profile. In this case, ensure that you set your account settings properly. Your business profiles should always be public, whereas your personal profiles should remain private.