Webinar Repurposing Strategies That Make Sense

Repurpose your webinar into other content

Just because your live webinar is over, doesn’t mean it stops working for you. In fact, with a bit of planning, your replay can get as much—if not more—traction as the live event did. Get more out of the time you spent planning and preparing an awesome webinar by repurposing your webinar into new content for your business.

Here are the best ways to repurpose your webinar into content that will continue to make a positive impact.


Add the Content to Your Autoresponders

Evergreen webinar topics are always welcome additions to your autoresponder email series. They give your loyal readers another way to learn from you, and their high value (video is always well received) means they’re more likely to be watched than your blog or ebooks are to be read.

But don’t stop with just the video.

Offer your subscribers a chance to download just the audio so they can listen on the go, and have the entire webinar transcribed for those who prefer to scan the content. You can also add links to any supplemental materials you created for the webinar, like checklists and worksheets.


Create an Online Course or Email Series

Use the recording of your live webinar to create an online course or a series of emails based on the webinar content. Create a course with the webinar as the backbone, along with a few supplemental materials for your learners.

Or break the recording into more manageable 3-7 minute increments to be used for an email series. You worked hard to create an awesome webinar, and the magic of video means that now that content can be shared in other ways.


Use Webinar Handouts as Opt-In Incentives

Checklists and worksheets are extremely popular when it comes to enticing people to opt-in to your mailing list. It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes less really is more. In fact, your readers will appreciate actionable, to-the-point checklists more than they will a 50-page ebook.

Rather than creating new offers, simply repurpose the worksheets you’ve created for your webinars. Rotating your opt-in incentives regularly using repurposed webinar content will help you attract new subscribers too.


Transcriptions & Slides Find New Homes

As surprising as it might seem, not everyone wants to watch a video. For those folks who are pressed for time, a transcript they can scan is the perfect answer. Not only that, but since Google can’t (yet) crawl video, the text version of your presentation is far better for SEO purposes.

There’s no end to the places you can share your transcripts, either. Repurposing your transcript into a series of blogs is the simplest answer. But you can also share your slide collections on slide sharing sites, article directories, and LinkedIn. You might even choose to do a little light editing and turn it into a self-published ebook you can sell for a small fee.


Slice & Dice

In any good webinar, there are plenty of sound bites just waiting to be shared. A good virtual assistant can take your transcript and pull out the meaningful quotes for sharing on social media, and perhaps even make a collection of “pinnable” graphics to post to Pinterest.

Your presentation might even contain some of these nuggets already, making her job even easier. A screenshot of a slide with a great quote or image makes the perfect update on your Facebook page or Twitter account. (Hint: keep this in mind when you create your presentation!) A picture is worth a thousand words, so repurposing your webinar content into visually-appealing images that are sharable is sure to help you engage with your social media followers.


Nearly Endless Opportunities

And of course, don’t forget you can still offer your replay as an opt-in incentive, long after the event is over. You may want to record an alternate ending if you presented a time-sensitive offer, but otherwise, it should serve you well for months or years to come. If you have been on the fence about delivering a webinar, understanding how to repurpose your webinar content to get even more out of your efforts should make it a no-brainer!