Use Mailchimp to Send an Automated Email Sequence Starting on a Specific Date

How to Use Mailchimp to Send an Automated Email Sequence

This is the first of a stash of micro-posts that I plan to put out on my blog. The intention behind these tiny pieces is to take one task or problem and to break it down into actionable, easy-to-follow steps. I see them covering the full range of tools that you might use: MailChimp, WordPress, Trello, Asana, Facebook, Hootsuite, the works. Most of the time, the subject of these posts will be inspired by a question I’ve been asked by a client or a question I’ve seen pop up often enough in Facebook business groups and such.


This week’s question is:


“I want to set up a 5-day email series that starts on a specific date. How would I do this in MailChimp?”


Step 1: Set up the first email in your sequence as a regular email campaign (Campaigns > Create Campaign > Create an Email > Regular > Enter Campaign Name). Schedule this first email to send on your chosen launch date.


Step 2: Set up the remaining four emails as an automated sequence (Campaigns > Create Campaign > Create an Email > Automated).


Step 3: Click ‘Edit’ alongside the trigger for the first email in your sequence to change it. You want to go with Campaign Activity > Sent Campaign. Set how long you want to wait before this email is triggered and, find the regular email campaign you created in Step 1 in the Settings drop-down menu.


That’s it. Just check that your emails look good in preview mode (on all devices), all links work as they should, the right data points are being merged into personalised spots in your emails — and you’re good to go.


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