How to Set up a Resend Campaign in MailChimp

Resend Campaign for MailChimp emails

Context: This post is part of a series of micro-posts that I put out on my blog. The intention behind these tiny pieces is to take one task or problem and to break it down into actionable, easy-to-follow steps. They will cover the full range of tools that you might use: MailChimp, WordPress, Trello, Asana, Facebook, Hootsuite, the works. Most of the time, the subject of these posts will be inspired by a question I’ve been asked by a client or a question I’ve seen pop up often enough in Facebook business groups and such.

This week’s question is:

“I want to create a resend campaign in MailChimp targeting only those who didn’t open the original email. Is there a way to do this?”


The answer here is – absolutely. This can be done, but use this tactic sparingly and only when you have something of real value to offer to your subscribers. Or else, you risk seeing an increase in other measures like your unsubscribe rate.


Here are the steps to follow in MailChimp:


Step 1: Replicate your campaign

  • Go to the Campaigns page, find the campaign you want to resend, click the drop-down menu alongside it, and click Replicate.
  • This step takes you to the Campaign Builder.


Step 2: Narrow down your list to the unresponsive subscribers

  • Click Edit Recipients in the To section of the Campaign Builder.
  • From the Segment drop-down menu, select Group or new segment.
  • Make sure you set it so that your contacts match all conditions.
  • Set your conditions so that you have:
    • Condition 1: “Campaign Activity” + “was sent” + the original campaign name
    • Condition 2: “Campaign Activity” + “did not open” + the same campaign name
  • Click Save


Step 3: Schedule the new MailChimp email as part of your resend campaign.


As mentioned earlier, resending an email campaign comes with its pros and cons. My suggestion always is to go in mindful of this and to be especially selective about when you use this functionality. Here’s a MailChimp blog I found which explores the factors affecting how well your resend campaign does: The Value of a Resend Campaign, By the Numbers and here’s one on Strategic Timing Tips for Resend Campaigns.