How To : Duplicate Trello Boards so You’re Not Starting from Scratch Every Time

Q: I am onboarding three new clients and all of them are tapping into the same service. Is there an easy way to duplicate a board and set up a task management space for each client that way? 

A: First off, I LOVE this question because why in the world would you recreate a board from scratch, if you don’t need to?! In addition, if you’re presented with an opportunity to ditch the stress and simplify, standardise or automate a business process, why wouldn’t you?!

Okay, here’s the how:

Step 1:

Open the board’s menu

Step 2:

Click “More” 

Step 3:

Choose “Copy Board” 

Step 4:

Enter the title of your new board 

Step 5:

Decide if you want to copy the board and all lists and all cards (in which case you tick “Keep Cards”) or if you just want the board and lists (in which case, leave the “Keep Cards” checkbox unticked)

How to duplicating a Trello project management board

Step 6:

Click “Create”

Important Note:

When a working board is copied, the cards, descriptions, checklists and attachments get carried across. Comments and team members don’t. Thing is though, all due dates on all cards get carried across too. You’ll end up having to reset every single one for the new client.

To avoid having to do this, I recommend you create a template board. You would then simply take copies of the template board each time you onboard a new client. 

If you aren’t familiar with Trello, I have an entire post all about Trello and how to use it as a project management tool! Check that out HERE.