How To : Create Trello Cards Straight from Your Inbox

Q: Is there an easier way to transfer information from an email to a Trello card?

A: Absolutely! So this function has been super useful in instances where my clients just aren’t wired to use a tool like Trello and prefer the old school way of communicating tasks in an email (which is totally OK, by the way).

You can create Trello cards simply by forwarding your email to your designated board. If you’re interested in learning more about Trello boards, I also have a blog that covers the three types of boards every business needs to have.


Here’s how:

Step 1:

Start by opening the Trello board where you’d like your cards to be created.

Step 2:

From the board menu, select “More,” and then click “Email-to-board settings.” 

Step 3:

Your settings will appear. Here’s where you’ll get the unique email address for your board, as well as be able to assign your forwarded messages to a particular list. 

Step 4:

Any time you want to create a new card from an email, simply forward that email to your unique Trello board’s email address. The card will show up moments after you send the email.


Before you forward the email to your unique email address, tweak the email to make sure it shows up just as you want it on your desired card. As a guide:

  • The subject line of your email becomes the card’s title
  • The body of the email translates to the description of the card 
  • Add @username in the subject Line to automatically add members to the card
  • And finally, any attachments in the email will be added as attachments to the card too