How To: Use Trello Filters to Manage Your Tasks and Workflow

Q: I want a view of all cards on a board that are assigned to a team member and overdue. Is there an easy way to do this?

Yes! There most definitely is a way to use Trello filters to manage your tasks and workflow. Before we dive in, make sure you have your Trello notifications turned on so you don’t miss a thing!


At the board level, all you have to do is:

Step 1:

Click on Show Menu and select Filter Cards or better yet, just hit F to open your board’s filter

Step 2:

Set your filtering parameters. You can filter by label, member and/or due date.

  • Label:
    • On a straight up task manager type board, your labels might include (as an example) red to denote “High priority tasks”
    • On a content calendar, your labels might include the different content themes you have going. For example, red = Email Marketing, purple = Project Management, yellow = Systems and Processes
    • On a digital inventory type board, your labels might include red for all versions of your logo, yellow for all lead magnets, blue for all passwords etc.
  • Member:
    • No explanation needed – only that you can select multiple team members if you want
  • Due date filtering options:
    • Due in the next day, the next week, the next month
    • Overdue
    • Has no due date (potential “falling through the cracks” stuff?!)

This hides all cards from that board except the ones matching your chosen parameters. The great thing is – they will appear in their usual spots on the board, so this just makes it easier on you to find your way around the filtered view.

Want some more tips?

Tip 1: When you have a filtered view switched on, you’ll see an indicator on the top of your board that says “Filtering is on.” To clear all filters, just hit the “X” right alongside that indicator.

Tip 2: Hover your mouse over a card and hit “L” to open up the label menu. From there, you can add labels to the card, name your labels, change their colours, and create new ones.

Tip 3: You can create Trello tasks directly from your inbox. Follow this guide HERE.