How To: Declutter by Archiving Trello Cards That Are Done and Dusted

Q: My Trello space is a right mess. How do I archive stuff that’s no longer relevant or that’s been closed off?

When you’ve been freelancing … running a business … managing multiple clients and projects as long as I have, it becomes so easy to accumulate Trello boards like it’s going out of style and so you really want to make a habit of giving your Trello environment a good spring clean every so often.

The awesome thing with Trello is that it’s possible to archive a card, a list or an entire board.

The other awesome thing about Trello is that archived cards, lists and boards don’t get deleted. You can leave them archived for as long as you like and retrieve them whenever you need them… Like when you want to duplicate an old board for a new project, so you don’t start from scratch.


Archiving a card

Option 1 – Have the board open, front of all cards showing. Find the card you want to archive. Hover your mouse on the top right hand corner of the card. A pencil / edit icon should appear. Click on it, and hit Archive.

Option 2 – Have the card open, Look for the “Archive” button in the Actions section, Click.

Option 3 – Have the card open, hit your “C” key. Done!

Archiving a list

Have the board open, front of all cards showing.

Find the list you want to archive.

Click on the three dots you see alongside the List name.

You should see “Archive This List” at the bottom of your list of possible actions. Click and you’re sorted.

Archiving a board

  1. Click on the board’s “Show Menu” link
  2. Click “More”
  3. Choose “Close Board…”

Tip: To view a closed board, you need to click the Boards button at the top left of your Trello page and select “See closed boards…” This takes you to a list of closed boards. Alongside each one, you will be presented with the option to re-open or delete it.

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