How To: Paste Text into Mailchimp Emails Without Messing up the Formatting

Q: Why does the text that I copy-paste into MailChimp cause my formatting to go haywire? How do I fix it?

When you do a straight copy-paste from an application like Microsoft Word into MailChimp (MC), you’re also bringing across HTML code that you don’t see. This messes with your formatting and can get quite frustrating to fix in MailChimp. It’s almost always easier to strip your text of all formatting, and then to format your email directly in the MailChimp environment itself.


Here’s what I do:

Step 1:

Select and copy all the text that you want in your email.

Step 2:

Use the “Paste as plain text” function to get the text into MailChimp. Alternatively, you can use the “Paste from Rich Text Editor” function. The first approach strips all formatting out of your text, while the second removes the wonky code that affects how your text displays.

Step 3:

Format your text as you need it.

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