Avoid the Overwhelm by Staying in Your Own Lane

Avoid the Overwhelm by Playing to Your Strengths
Stay In Your Own Lane | Gobeithio

Overwhelm is a real thing in online businesses. There is always more to be done. More products to create, more blogs to write, more opt-in pages to build, more clients to connect with, more, more, more.

And one of the biggest contributors? Shiny object syndrome.

Every time you’re tempted to buy that new, must-have tool, or to test out a new marketing method, or even to switch business models entirely, you’re falling victim to this business killer.

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Roles & Tasks: How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

Business roles

It’s inevitable. As a small business owner, you will wear many hats… often switching between various roles & tasks several times a day. Marketing manager Project manager Bookkeeper Content developer Coach Technical support staff Administration extraordinaire While this type of juggling is to be expected, you have to be aware that not all of your hats are created equal. Marketing outweighs bookkeeping, for example, because without marketing, there will be no cash to manage. Not only that, but you have to consider how much time you’re spending in each area as well. If you spend all day tweaking the design on your website and put off sending an email to …

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Records Management Tips for Small Businesses

Document Management Tips For Small Businesses | Gobeithio

For many businesses, the focus of records management is on the organisation and storage of documents. They want to be able to securely store their business documents in a way that enables quick and easy access. At this level, the goal is business efficiency.

Record keeping systems can range from paper-based systems (think: cute-coloured manila folders) to slightly more complex computer (Windows Explorer) or cloud-based ones (Dropbox, Google Drive or perhaps even Evernote). Ultimately, the type, size, and complexity of your business is what determines the best record keeping system for you. I have to say though, most of the clients I work with have embraced cloud-based storage as the way to go and it works well.

In addition to keeping good records, is the equally important piece around knowing which of your business records need to be retained and for how long. Typically, these cover records that have a taxation implication. Here the goal is compliance.

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How to: Send a Mailchimp Email to Multiple Groups in Your Master List


Q: I’d like to send a blanket 50% off offer to a few groups in my master list. Can I do this as part of one campaign?

A: Sure you can! To send your offer to multiple groups while in the campaign builder, just follow these steps that I’m sharing in this blog.

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How To: Import Contacts into Your Mailchimp Account


Q: I ran an online event using Eventzilla recently, and want to import the contacts from that event into MailChimp. How do I do this? A: It’s super simple to import your contacts into MailChimp and I’m excited to show you the precise steps it takes to do so. Before we dive in, if you want to take your knowledge of MailChimp to the next level consider learning how to add a countdown timer to your emails and how to paste text into MailChimp without messing up the formatting. How To Import Contacts Into Your MailChimp Account Step 1: Let’s assume you have an Excel spreadsheet with three columns of …

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