Start With Your Why

Start with your why

When you first hung out your virtual shingle, you likely were thinking: “I can’t wait to get away from this awful job.”“I just want to be home with my kids.”“This dead-end job is going nowhere.”“I’m tired of working crazy hours and holidays.”“I know I’m worth more than they’re paying me.” These and many, many other thoughts go through the heads of every would-be business owner, and are often the driving force behind that final, “I quit.” But while they’re great for lighting a fire and inspiring you to …

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Efficiency is the Key to a Stress-Free Business

Stress Free Business

Your company is running smoothly enough, but you know things could be better. Sometimes, a project gets hung up a few days too long, or meetings that once felt productive and useful now seem to drag on for much too long. It can feel like wheels spinning in the mud, and it’s hard to get that traction back. To fix these issues, it helps to focus on improving the efficiency of your business. Here are a few tips. Document Everything What would happen if your project manager or …

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Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Keep Us From Earning What We’re Worth

Self Sabotaging Behaviours

We all do it. No matter how successful you are, at one time or another you’ll fall into the self-sabotage trap, and the price of admission is high. Your income will suffer.Your self-esteem will plummet.Your confidence will find new lows. The end result? Frustration. Burnout. Resentment (of your clients or your business). And yes, even more self-sabotaging behaviors. This downward spiral can quickly turn devastating, but stopping it is easy when you learn to recognize the symptoms. Procrastination Did you mean to apply for that high-end coaching program …

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How to Build An “A” Team

Build Your Business Team

You really can’t do it all alone. No small business becomes a big business with a single person at the wheel. It takes a team of experts to scale your efforts. The problem is, building that team brings its own stress. How can you know who to trust? Where will you find the time to train? What if you can’t afford to outsource? These and other questions are what prevent entrepreneurs just like you from turning a good business idea into a 6- or even 7-figure empire. Here’s …

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Avoid the Overwhelm by Staying in Your Own Lane

Avoid the Overwhelm by Playing to Your Strengths

Overwhelm is a real thing in online businesses. There is always more to be done. More products to create, more blogs to write, more opt-in pages to build, more clients to connect with, more, more, more. And one of the biggest contributors? Shiny object syndrome. Every time you’re tempted to buy that new, must-have tool, or to test out a new marketing method, or even to switch business models entirely, you’re falling victim to this business killer. Here’s the problem with shiny object syndrome though – it prevents …

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Roles & Tasks: How Many Hats Are You Wearing?

Business roles

It’s inevitable. As a small business owner, you will wear many hats… often switching between various roles & tasks several times a day. Marketing manager Project manager Bookkeeper Content developer Coach Technical support staff Administration extraordinaire While this type of juggling is to be expected, you have to be aware that not all of your hats are created equal. Marketing outweighs bookkeeping, for example, because without marketing, there will be no cash to manage. Not only that, but you have to consider how much time you’re spending in …

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Automated Systems to Scale A Business

Automated Systems for Scaling Your Business

There comes a point in every entrepreneurial adventure when you realise you really cannot do it all yourself without something giving way. Granted, when you’re just starting out, you really are the “chief, cook and bottle washer” but as your business starts to grow and your client needs evolve in complexity, it will inevitably become painfully obvious that trying to do everything is only going to lead to: Frustration (when critical tasks don’t get done and deadlines are missed) Burn out (when you’re working crazy hours and can’t …

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Records Management Tips for Small Businesses

Document Management Tips

For many businesses, the focus of records management is on the organisation and storage of documents. They want to be able to securely store their business documents in a way that enables quick and easy access. At this level, the goal is business efficiency. Record keeping systems can range from paper-based systems (think: cute-coloured manila folders) to slightly more complex computer (Windows Explorer) or cloud-based ones (Dropbox, Google Drive or perhaps even Evernote). Ultimately, the type, size, and complexity of your business is what determines the best record …

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How To: Add a Countdown Timer to Your Mailchimp Campaigns


Q: I have designed a promotion that I’d like to send to my email list. It’s going to be a limited time offer. How do I insert a countdown timer into my emails?

Personally, I think countdown timers as a marketing tool should sit in the “great in small doses” bucket. Use it too often and reader fatigue / weariness will inevitably start to creep in. 

That said, adding a dynamic countdown timer to a campaign email with a real deadline is a great way nudge your audience to act promptly.

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How To: Paste Text into Mailchimp Emails Without Messing up the Formatting


Q: Why does the text that I copy-paste into MailChimp cause my formatting to go haywire? How do I fix it?

When you do a straight copy-paste from an application like Microsoft Word into MailChimp (MC), you’re also bringing across HTML code that you don’t see. This messes with your formatting and can get quite frustrating to fix in MailChimp. It’s almost always easier to strip your text of all formatting, and then to format your email directly in the MailChimp environment itself.

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