A Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up & Using MailChimp

Setup and Use MailChimp for Email Marketing

There are many email service providers out there and really, all of them have their pluses and minuses. In my mind though, the big thing that MailChimp has going for it is the fact that it is a great entry-level option for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are at the early stages of their email marketing efforts. And before you get the wrong idea… I’m not saying it’s basic in any way. In fact, I think it does a lot, if not most, of what all the others do, but its free plan lets you do everything you would need to for up to 2,000 subscribers and it is designed …

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20 Lessons From Two Months of Travel as a Digital Nomad

Digital nomad VAs

Not too long ago, my husband and I made a decision which led us down a super awesome path. It all started with the choice to head back down under after a two-year stint in Vancouver B.C., and then the subsequent desire to be able to: swing by Brunei to visit family on the way back tick Tokyo and Kyoto off our bucket list eat our way through Singapore do all of this without breaking the bank + while keeping the business running too. Thinking back – we went from “should we?” to “what will it take?” very quickly. As soon as the decision was made, we just ran with …

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The Sales Funnel: What Is It & How Does It Work?!

Sales Funnels As A Means of Lead Generation

For an online business owner, the sales funnel is probably the most important marketing tool you have. And yet many entrepreneurs – both new and established – don’t feel like they have a clear understanding of what a funnel is or how it works. As you can imagine, failing to fully understand this critical part of your business means fewer sales, lower profits, and ultimately, a not-as-sustainable business.   A Simple Sales Funnel At its most basic, a sales funnel consists of free content, which typically requires nothing of your readers. Many sales funnels begin with blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook content, and other information readers can access at no cost. …

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The 5 Website Metrics to Track (and Why)

Web Metrics To Measure and Track

One of the most useful things you can do to improve your business’s chances for success is to track your website metrics. These are essentially quantitative measurements that tell you how you’re doing with attracting traffic to your business website, and more importantly, how well you keep them coming back and converting. Here are five metrics to track and what insights you might gain from them.   01. Traffic Sources Traffic source typically falls into one of three buckets: Direct, Search and Referral traffic. Direct traffic comes from people who already know you and seek out your site directly. Search traffic is made up of people who ran a search …

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How to Get Customer Feedback to Make Better Business Decisions

Customer Feedback As A Critical Input to Biz Decisions

Customer feedback helps you understand why people do what they do and make the decisions they make in relation to your business. When cross-referenced against hard analytics, it can: (a) take the guesswork out of prioritizing different projects and their accompanying tasks, (b) offer real-time data about your customer’s needs and (c) enable you to offer your customers the best experience possible at every touchpoint.   There are lots of ways to listen to your customers and gather feedback. Here are a few: Check in With Them Early – When someone buys one of your products or uses a service, it’s important to give them the opportunity to tell you what …

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