5 Reasons Why Social Media Matters to Your Small Business

The Importance of a Social Media Strategy

Your online presence is one of the most important ways to market your business to the world. Whether you have traditional brick and mortar business or a strictly online one, using social media is a great way to build your presence and grow your business. Here’s why it matters – and how to execute social media for your small business like a pro.   1.  Social Media Builds Brand Recognition Your brand is such a powerful thing. It is an expression of who you are as a business and is essentially the start of a promise to your ideal customer. You have the logo, colors, choice of fonts and imagery, …

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6 Tips on How to Make a Wow-Worthy Facebook Profile

Tips for an optimized social media profile

If you haven’t given a lot of thought to your Facebook profile as a business, consider this: Nearly half (45%) of digital buyers worldwide said that reading reviews, comments and feedback on social media influenced their digital shopping behavior. And around 44% of respondents also said that receiving promotional offerings influenced their shopping behavior (source). Before anything else, a big majority of people will look you up online… check out your website… review your social media profile(s) to determine if they want to do business with you. Your profile is quite literally your digital business card. And if that’s not enough to sway you, Facebook is apparently ‘presiding its supreme …

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How to Maximize the ROI from Your YouTube Marketing Efforts

YouTube marketing

Incorporating YouTube into your content marketing strategy can do amazing things for your business. As the world’s second largest search engine after Google, YouTube is an alternate way of extending your reach beyond an existing audience. Throw into the mix the fact that there is still less competition for eyeballs on this video-based platform (the search phrase ‘social media marketing’ gets you 285 million results on Google, as compared to 7 million on YouTube!), and it definitely makes for a great medium for positioning yourself as an expert in your field and ultimately, driving traffic your way. Here is a list of high-level tips on how to improve your marketing …

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How to Write Social Media Posts That People Respond To

Social Media Posts That Engage

Posts are what keep your social media presence active and your audience engaged. Here are a few ways to engage followers, friends, and influencers with your social media posts: Understand Your Customers – Know who your target audience is. Know what your audience does when they’re online and off. Use this to capture their attention. Meet them where they are- the right social media platforms, the right types of content, the right time, and frequency. Observe The Competition – Check out what your competitors are doing on their social media profiles. Pay attention to the posts eliciting reactions, +1’s, comments, and shares. Look to replicate these – only do it …

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Leveraging Twitter for Your Small Business

Leveraging Twitter for Your Small Business

Twitter is an excellent real-time marketing tool. Here are a few key considerations when building a strong Twitter presence:   Develop a Strong, Enticing Twitter Profile 1. Your Twitter @handle is how you/your business will be tagged and mentioned in tweets so it’s vital that your Twitter @handle is easy to remember and relates to your business. 2. Twitter allows users to upload an avatar. This avatar is super important because it shows up alongside every tweet you send out. It is an opportunity to associate an image with your business so using your business’ logo makes sense. Alternatively, you could go with a professional headshot instead which helps to make …

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